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    We have following metals on stock:

    • IRON from 1mm. to 25mm. 1500x4000mm.
    • IRON from 1mm to 25mm. 1500x6000mm.
    • IRON from 3mm. to 25mm. 2000x4000mm.
    • STAINLESS STEEL from 1mm to 20mm. 1500x4000mm.
    • STAINLESS STEEL from 1mm to 20mm. 1500x6000mm.
    • SB SATIN STAINLESS STEEL from 1mm. to 3mm. 1500x4000mm.
    • CHECKER PLATES from 0.8mm. 1500x3000mm.
    • C70 STEEL from 0,5mm. to 3.5mm.
    • PERALUMAN ALUMINUM ALLOY 5754 or 5083 H111 from 1mm. to 15mm. in various formats.

    All of these formats, but C70, are also available with height 2000mm. (on demand).
    Our materials are first choice and certified.

    Metal sheets are moved by means of a special lifting system equipped with suction cups, to prevent them from being scratched or damaged during handling.

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